why did salim fill the bathtub with money

Why Did Salim Fill The Bathtub With Money? This is caused by prejudice, people cant believe that an uneducated young boy from the slums could be able to win a knowledge contest. Frank Capras masterpiece is guaranteed to give you a lift come its final, iconic ending. Jamal, Salim, and Latika escape the room. If you say Ram ji Ki Jai Ho, it means "Victory be to Lord Rama". The two words that we can see in the title are totally different for one reason slum is where poor people live and millionaire are rich people that is the contrast of the title. He knows that if he didn't go now, there was trouble waiting for him so he chose to lay in a bathtub full of money because that's the way he wanted to go. How does the title and the contrast within it provide symbolic summary of the film? (9) For 20,000,000 rupees: In Alexander Dumas' book The Three Musketeers, two of the musketeers are called Athos and Porthos. Jamal is asked to answer questions that he wouldnt know if he didnt live that rough and difficult life. But the money wasnt the most important thing in his destiny, the most important thing was, that he finish finding Latika, they were separate for a long of time, but finally they met. And the only way to let that happen was to release Latika from the gangster who he worked with. Because when this happen a lot of people star losing their jobs so they have to live on this really poor places thats why I think the industrial revolution start and know you need to have a good education and this people cant get this so thats why most of them stay poor until they died. Salim is not convinced, however, and shoots Maman. Edit, Chai is simply the Hindi word for tea. Salim Malik makes the decision of filled up the bathtub with all Javed money, because he want a redemption because from the beginning of his life, he always wanted to be rich, and at the end, he want to know that he was going to die, like he always want, rich. (2) For 4,000 rupees: A picture of three lions is seen in the national emblem of India. Here in lima happens something similar. He filled the bathtub with money because money was always like "the best" for him. How far is Las Vegas from the California coast? This are the most important diference between Munbai and Lima. A poor man, called Jamal, who was a slumdog in his younger life, luckily enters to the show Who Wants to be a Millionaire and, by answering all the correct answers, won a million rupees. Edit, The domestic trailer features three songs: "Latika's Theme," from A.R. In the final scene, we see Salim and the choice he makes filling the bathtub with money, etc. Freida Pinto Net Worth: Freida Pinto is an Indian actress and model who has a net worth of $14 million. Jamal goes to the Who wants to be millionaire program show, because he wants Latika to see him. Best summary PDF, themes, and quotes. Second provide them jobs, food, etc. He claimed that there was a tendency among boys to get very muscular, and they didn't seem like underdogs. First: So there are much more slums in India than in all South America. The bad education gives them a small idea of what moral is. How did the filmmakers secure the rights to 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?'. Comparison between Lima slums and Mumbai slums. Probably as a show-off when he gets killed. The differences between Lima and Munbay they are a lot but I am going to explain you only 2 the first one is the people that live in each city Mumbay have 21 255 000 million people an Lima 8,5 million the second difference is that in lima we dont have cast system and in Munbay they have this system . That also is seen in the movie, this causes corruption, indifference, physical abuse, social impairment. Slumdog Millionaire is produced in Britain and hence its a British movie. Not affiliated with Harvard College. I think that the causes of this phenomena are: that the people who live in the slums, dont want to prgress or work in a place, to earn some money. But today he is a millionaire and television superstar, the first contestant to win $1 million on the Indian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire.. There is no such scene in the book, although its possibility is suggested.For three years, from ages eleven through thirteen, Ram works as a daytime houseboy for a retired movie actress in her forties named Neelima Kumari. (A) Sachin Tendulkar, (B) Ricky Ponting, (C) Michael Slater, or (D) Jack Hobbs. Copyright 1999 - 2023 GradeSaver LLC. 'The film is true to life,' says Rupesh, who claims to be 17 but looks several years younger." So the title is how a poor person (slumdog) becomes a millionaire one and change his entire life. He is rescued from torture by a woman lawyer who calls herself Smita, and who listens to his explanations, given in the sequence of the relevant question number. Slumdog kids might say ki jai ho, meaning "Victory be to slumdog kids." This is not happening only in Lima and Mumbai, it has actually been developing all around the world. One of the most striking and comic images in the film is the image of the young Jamal, having jumped through the hole of a public toilet into the feces below, running towards the Bollywood star, Amitabh Bachchan, in hopes of getting his autograph. He finds some numbers for Salim and makes some calls trying to find his old friend. Why or why not? The first difference is just that the Indian slum is located in a flat surface while here most slums are in the sides of the mountains and for that people who live there have to come up and down every day just to work. This wood-encased period galvanized tin tub is in Astoria, Oregon's 1885 Flavel House museum. What are the questions Jamal answers on the game show? At the same time that Jamal is winning, Salim fills a bathtub with money and sits in it, waiting for the death he knows will happen when Javed discovers what he has done. and in long term I think that we need to make our country grow so there are going to be more job opportunities and also the banks are helping them by giving them money to run out a business and also upgraded the nationals schools so these people can have a good education and maybe enter to universities if they study hard enough so if we do this in a few years we are going to see less poor children on the streets asking for money. In the beginning, it is insinuated that the reason that he wins Who Wants to be a Millionaire? . Slumdog Millionaire: Sleeper Hit or Insensitive Depiction? The comparison between Lima Slums To Mumbai slums are that, the problems of poverty are not reviewed by the politics and it is a problem that Is not only on Lima and Mumbai, is in all the world, near the school there is a popular slum, they name of that slum is Manchay, is a place that people dont have enough money to build their houses and dont have money for eat all days, they need helps from the people who have money, in Mumbai happened the same thing,, Mumbai have a large population and the government cant give money for everybody so some people need to live by his own ways, that kind of people are the sums. There is no lawyer, and no Gudiya. We see a flashback of Salim shooting a revolver, and Jamal correctly answers the question: Samuel Colt. As Latika said in the movie, This progamme (Who wants to be a millionaire) is popular because is a way out of their actual life. What does a Canadian need to enter the US? So, what we can realize when we see this title for the first time is that the movie is about a slumdog who, by luck, became millionaire. In the most graphically violent scene of the movie, a young beggar boy is drugged and blinded with acid while unconscious. No one would ever think that a slum-dog could end up winning that much money, and even less that he will earn it in Who Wants to be a Millionaire? While we have seen him be ruthless and evil previous to this, the blinding incident only confirms how heartless he is in dealing with the children, and this shot of him, at the edge of the frame, confirms that he is a villain rather than a savior for these children. After Salim gets mad at Latika for making fun of his singing (showing a budding rivalry between them also) the man makes Salim his new assistant. I think that the title in a simple way means that several opportunities are presented to a poor boy with no future and these changes his life and change him, making him a better person and rich. The international trailer contains the song "The Sun Always Shines on the TV" by A-Ha. The government has another problem because they mostly spend the money for useless things like buying too much arms because they are preparing the country for a possible war. Why did Salim fill the bathtub with money? For me the most important message or impression from the movie is that you never give up, we can see that in the film in the climax, when Jamal won 20 million rupees, he dont imagine that and he dont give up In the game, when the tv host question to Jamal if he want to pass to next question he say yes, already is he dont know the question. Looks like you're mixed up with both. Although Pinto was born and raised in Mumbai, she is best known for her roles in various British and American films. Salim put twenty million rupees worth of bills into the bathtub where he died. Secondly, the life in the slums of Lima is very hard too, but it isnt with a lot of garbage or some dead animals, but they have a lot of difficulties too, like the economy problems or health problems, etc. Also anonymus partners say that he is really strict with these kind of schools, that want to win a chance of a free trip. Most people choose the wrong way, because it is the easiest and also because they have no choice, because they have no education. only one side. Salim makes the choice of putting all the money of Javed in the bathtub and then get into the bathtub him too, to shoot and kill Javed because he knowed that if Javed was dead he will no longer search for Latika or Jamal so they could be free. by luck, should be your go to guess in most cases. The goverment might have to do something, like starting to give education to his children so they will have another mentality and they wouldnt steal, they would look for a job. This is caused because there is too much people and no too much jobs. In this section of the flashback, Jamal becomes more intent on finding Latika, and sets about searching for her in the city. GradeSaver "Slumdog Millionaire Part 3: Latika Summary and Analysis". A poor person cant satisfy his basic needs like eating, having a good hygiene, etc. We can see that Salim (the brother of Jamal) became a gangster. Jamal came from slums of Mumbai and became a millionaire on the game show. As we know a slum is ver poor neighborhood, their characteristics are that they dont have electricity, water and almost no food and the worst is that his houses have no roof and are made with cardboard. Salim chose the way he wanted to die. Salim then goes to work for Latika's pimp and helps to hold her captive until he has a change of heart and lets her escape with his car and cell phone. We should make people realize that these people are also human beings and we should help them. Eventually he and Salim find Latika dancing in a backroom. Salim did that because after all that he passed he didnt get hapiness and also he was upset of having mistrated his brother Jamal and her friend (girlfrien) Latika. Well in short term I think that we have to do as we are doing now giving them food clothes for example there are a lot of charities now on this days that help poor people in their own way some of them are schools others are for example houses were people can stay etc. External Reviews So the goverment should give him that by short periods, then move out the masssive poblation by gropus to a new zone, giving her apartaments and then they would pay for them, and the electricity and essencal things with the work that they would have with the education freee that is given to them. Edit. They are focusing on meaningless things like paying more politicians to complete all the political parties when they dont realize that most part of the country needs urgent economical and moral help. How does the title and the (A) George Washington, (B) Franklin Roosevelt, (C) Benjamin Franklin, or (D) Abraham Lincoln. They are focusing on meaningless things like paying more politicians to complete all the political parties when they dont realize that most part of the country needs urgent economical and moral help. He was hopeless and depressed. I believe that what causes poverty is the lack of responsibility of their parents, who are not in a good situation, and use their children to earn more money. In Lima, most the people who live in a slum thing that all their lives they going to be poor, but if they work hard they can change his live. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss thenovel. The title Means like two different words that don`t means anything together because slum mean like poor people and millionaire like a very rick people. Poor people migrate to well-known cities in their countries in order to have the same opportunities as the ones who already live there and have a job. By slowing down the images of the memories, Boyle invites the viewer into Jamal's interior life. A slumdog is a poor man with almost no opportunities to progress, so he/she cant be rich. The government should provide condomms or another source of preservatives so the people in the slums can have sexual intercourse without having to many children and so they learn to be more responsible with their lives because most parents abandon their homes after a while. We see him at his job at a call center as a chaiwala. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WMG/SlumdogMillionaire. | The government and a lot of people give these people financial support, but this is useless as they will use it until it runs out and they will never progress. In Lima, near the school and near my house there is a slum called Manchay, where people dont have money to make houses. So this need Lima, the people poor cant give up and go to the next question of his life. They are in most of the cases poor so they can just build a little hut. Many of them are very poor and only a little of them want change their lifestyle and effort to do that. Because he sacrificed himself to Jamal and Talika, live happy and together forever. Jamal's belief in his ability to find Latika, in spite of having no leads, makes his story that much more of a fairy tale. Change). How does the title and the contrasts within it provide symbolic summary of the film? (A) Truth alone triumphs, (B) Lies alone triumph, (C) Fashion alone triumphs, or (D) Money alone triumphs. This can be stopped, giving more work, so the people can work and have more money. I believe that the solution is to give a good education to these children in the slums. In an underground passageway, Jamal sees a boy from the camp who has been blinded, singing and begging for money. In change, his brother has taken a different live with more order and responsibility. Throughout, we see shots filmed at a slight angle, askant. That aspect which do not seem to important actually affects the amount energy that people spent ant working and with more energy spent, more food they need, the surprising thing is that despite that the need for food is bigger here, there are less children starving (perhaps its simply that there is less people living here). Is Slumdog Millionaire a Hollywood or a Bollywood movie? Why does he make this choice? They grow up and start to make decisions. Answer: A vegetable sandwich. In the city, Jamal and Salim start working at a restaurant. Next, use a screwdriver to disconnect the handle of the faucet. But he was a slumdog, how did he won the game? Theres this famous saying that the truth shall set you free. Jamal bursts into the room, where Latika instantly recognizes him. While it seems that the climactic eventJamal winning the game showis revealed within the first few moments of the film, the sequence of events that lead to this victory are far less straightforward than one might have imagined. Why does he make this choice? Thick suds and bubbles on the surface of the bathwater prevent the diffusion of heat into the air. The police release him to complete the quiz show. Give them chances to move on. How much money did Slumdog Millionaire win? 1st question. What does the title mean? Edit, In the original novel, Q and A, the show is a fictional one called "Who Will Win a Billion", with a similar format. In question number 3 says: Eventually, Jamal's quest to find Latika and tie up the loose ends of his dramatic past become the narrative center of the film, and the game show is more of a device that helps to weave together his story than a narrative in and of itself. When you turn on the hose, water fills the bladder, sealing it against the pipe. ANSWER: This is Jamal's position in the call center where he works when he appears on the game show. For example:Dhirubhai Ambani is an indian person responsible of one of the biggest fortunes in the world. The co-director is an Indian who has not worked in Bollywood. The plight of India's child beggars has been thrust into the international spotlight by Slumdog Millionaire, the British-made film tipped for Oscar glory. Why does he make this choice? The answer is Gandhi. I would probably agree that at the root of the problem it is an educational issue but it still is not an easy problem to fix. I think that the government should take care about the organization of the slums, offer employment opportunities and provide basic human resources like clean water, food, better lighting, sanitarity and infrastructure. Another important difference between both slums is that while Indian slums are in a constant religion war, here religions are not so varied and this negates the possibilities of having these conflicts. *the classrooms are very small/crowded with students. While the image suggests that he has chosen a life of greed and violence, he is also redeemed, having helped someone who needed it and asked for forgiveness from his god. Get a summary of everything Salim (Madhur Mittal (younger Salim played by Ashutosh Lobo Gajiwala and Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail)) does throughout Slumdog Millionaire. Also, their decisions of liberty take them to their final destiny. The Question and Answer section for Slumdog Millionaire is a great Because here in Peru we have a commercial product equivalent to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Thanking Arvind, Jamal goes in search of Latika. Why did Salim fill the bathtub with money? (5) For 1,000,000 rupees: On the American $100 bill, there is a portrait of which American statesman? You wonder why? "I owe Latika," says Jamal, and Arvind tells Jamal that Latika is on Pila Street, going by the name of "Cherry." Salim then shoots the pimp and is killed by his henchmen.As a bartender in Mumbai, Ram steals the revolver of a dead patron and becomes armed for the first time.When Ram becomes a game show contestant, it is pure happenstance that most of the questions have answers in his life experiences. This is a dirty game and mental emotional psychological which keep people in a state of painful illusion. He had everything but at the same time he had nothing. (LogOut/ In the final scene, we see Salim and the choice he makes filling the bathtub with money, etc. As in the book, he gets the money and the girl.In the book, the quiz show is called Who Will Win a Billion?, offering a top prize of one billion rupees. Putting to study small childrens without families, or doing publics schools to this childrens, so that from small can read, add, so on, because knowing this, they can work when they grow and working they would have money to eat and not stole, because children are the future of a country. In the movie slumdog millionaire first the social exclusion in were a country is divided in two the first of the rich people with no problem, but doesnt accept the reality of his own country that is the misery in were people doesnt have education like is said in this movie, then we can see economic isolation on the ways of survive of the people like stealing or in the case of Jamal and salim selling fake tours to the taj mahal and finally the political exclusion, if we see the show who wants to be a millionaire the presenter is a rich and famous person and people from the slums are used like slaves in case of latika exploited by a person who wants to sell her because she were virgin After helping Latika to escape from Javed Khan, Salim knows that he will have to face the consequences with the gangster. Blinding Arvind (Chirag Parmar), or somehow disfiguring the children, is how he gets them to earn more money, since people will give more to someone as helpless as a blind child. Jamal came from slums of Mumbai and became a millionaire on the game show. The title explains Jamal's identity, and motif, in the movie. What?! GradeSaver "Slumdog Millionaire Imagery". In the novel, the prize was significantly largerone billion rupees, about 21 million USD. And Salim make that decision, because for one time on his life, he want to make something good saving Latika from Javed, and giving his brother Jamal, the life he deserves with Latika, as he always want since he was a child and he abandoned with Maman on the camp. But the real-deal significance of these initial images of cash money doesn't become clear until the end of the film, when we discover the owner of those rainmaking hands: Salim. The abuser of both women is the same man.In the movie, Jamal's love interest is Latika, a childhood friend from the slums who is forced into prostitution in Mumbai.After a separation of five years, Ram bumps into Salim on a Mumbai street. As can be seen in the film Slumdog Millionaire, Mumbai poverty is almost equal to that of Lima, and surviving the most cunning, as you have to know how to survive on the streets, where no one is trustworthy, stealing food, lying people and so on. (A) Aramis, (B) Cardinal Richelieu, (C) D'Artagnan, or (D) Planchet.Answers: (1) A; (2) A; (3) D; (4) A; (5) C; (6) A; (7) D; (8) D; (9) A. "So, did you see them again?" Every single question was a important moment of Jamals life, thats why he could answer every question. If they want to sell something in order to avoid stealing, they would need a small place to put the stuff; otherwise, they wouldnt sell too many things. The title and the contrast in this movie means how a poor man pass to be rich with a simple TV program, Slum means like a very poor zone and is like a young population that don`t have a lot of money, so I think that went the title talk about slum is about Jamal, how with a simple TV program Who wants to be a millionaire and in one night or one day he turn to be a millionaire. What does the title mean? Javed is shown as the local don of the slum where Salim and Jamal spend their childhood. In that context, "it is written" is similar in meaning to "it is fated" or "it is destiny". "Bombay had turned into Mumbai," he says, and we see Jamal and Salim walking through large industrial areas. The best heat-retaining materials for bathtubs are . If you watch closely in the scene where the Jamal and Malik are young kids and are being chased through the slums of Juhu, the word "chai wallah" appears a few times. but that doesnt mean that is imposible, and one proof that proves that nothing is imposible is the victory of jamal in the program who wants to be a millonaire. ", Jamal tells the policemen that Latika is the most beautiful woman in the world, and when the older one makes a joke about her being a "slum bitch," Jamal attacks him angrily. Even though this program is not commonly transmitted in all countries in the world is a great effort to show that if you have knowledge of something it worth a prize. So then they need to live in poor houses, slums. Mumbai and Lima: All those projects would be able to decrease slums in a long-term because of the gathering of money for supporting those projects and the way that people would take it. What do you think should be done about this problem? Salim takes that decision seeking for redemption for having once made his brothers life miserable. We can see that in Mumbai there is a lot of poverty, like in Lima, there are a lot of slums, traffic, and terrorism. The older boy leads an escape, Salim in the movie, Ram in the book.There is more on-screen violence in the movie than in the book. And their final destination is the same as the brothers from the movie. Faucet: Start the faucet repair process by completely turning off your water supply. She doesn't know the answer either, but Jamal is more interested in knowing how she is doing and where she is before the call is cut off. A chai wallah is a person who provides tea, either by selling or bringing it. This phenomenon appears because the government dont care about poor people then say that they care about but thats a lie.

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