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I live in Southern California and Sean and Eduardo live in Southern New Jersey, so we have both coasts covered. IRISH TERRIERS Best-of-Breed/Variety : A : 5: GCH ROCKLEDGE KNOCK ON WOOD AT THORNTON'S , RN34615301 2/21/2020. The short back is not characteristic of the Irish Terrier, and is extremely objectionable. I am hoping we are getting judges educated to the fact that Irish Terriers are not a generic Terrier. They will be ready to go to their new homes anytime after November 18th. Ahtram Bonus, the son of Marthas famous Ch. I was so excited to have her join me and came to find out that she is quite the dog aficionado. Without you we would not have the opportunity for such incredible friends. Vernon Eppard, Jr., Virginia. Read about the kennel's beginnings, . Healthy and hardly, and always so cheerful! And, I have learned even more with Gabriel. As we discussed this morning my wife and I would like to purchase another Irishman from you. Being a veterinarian, I was quite nervous about buying a pup sight unseen, and then, having him flown here at the tender age of 9 weeks.But---he has been the best puppy!!! Goss had one ear that was not quite right and was never able to do much in the Group ring., If the click on for eMailing above does not work in your system, copy and paste our eMail address to your eMail system, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT OURTELEPHONE IS NOT WORKING WELL SINCE THE SPRING AND SUMMER OF 2019 FLASH FLOODS AND WILL NOT BE REPAIRED TOTALLY FOR SEVERAL MORE MONTHS - PLEASE EMAIL, I thought you might like to see what our drive way looked like after one of our six inch rains - and we had several the past two years. Linda Honey | Rockledge Irish Terriers I was then transferred to Los Angeles as a comparison shoppernot such a great job. We would be happy if you used us as a reference. In the past 12 months they have six first-time show dog families started. NOTE: This is a 2018 puppy sired by Hoss Cartwright by Chancer (Champion imported from England). We could not have picked a better breed of dog. They do much better when they have littermates to play with daily. 11 Jun 2022. NOTE: Colonel is sired by O'Roark and out of Rockledge O'Larah Oran by Bran (Imported from Ireland). More like this Animal Shelter Animal Rescue Dead Dog Dog Died Animal Society Mother Cat Dog Health Care Separation Anxiety He has produced some beautiful champions, including my current brood bitch, Ch. He and Chris, his wife, were incredible at evaluating puppies. Jason. Evelyn--I keep meaning to message you about this wonderful puppy I purchased from you last spring. Breeder Interview; Miniature Pinscher; Cheristar | Cherie McDaniel. After graduation, I stayed in San Diego and worked for Sears as a Management Trainee, an incredible job for a female. Mansfield, Linda M Honey By GCH Rockledge Duke of Dunderry -- CH Glenaugen Petra Of Rockledge. Route 3, Box 240-3, Ava, MO 65608 417-683-2099 Irish Terriers Welcome to our site Rockledge O'Roark, Jr. enjoying the view. The individual subjects can be combined with one another in numerous ways as well as with other disciplines such as . I just wish my mother could have been there to see it. My father was already out there, so my mother drove us out from New Jersey; my mother, two children, and two Irish Terriers. The Irish Terrier standard states, The Irish Terrier must be neither cobby nor cloddy, but should be built on lines of speed with a graceful, racing outline. It further states, The body should be moderately long. Dennis Sheehan was elected the first president of the club. Your email address will not be published. Having three dogs is something I dont mind, but more than that gets to be too much. Renowned Sugarfoot Yorkshire Terrier breeder Vicki Edwards - Sugarfoot Yorkies in a lively discussion Showsight Magazinethe world's most influential purebred dog publication since 1992. We ended up with a singleton puppy, which is always difficult. She is six years old and my mother taught me that it is dangerous to have litters after that age, and I totally agree. [Entry Forms] [Point Schedule] [Address . Eduardo and Sean will be able to take advantage of this asset long after I am gone. I worked there for a good 10 years where I acquired an incredible education in taxes. One of the most difficult things to do is to see the faults in your own dogs. Linda Honey, President, Irish Terrier Club of Southern California Another Big Win for Dart Group 3 Nanaimo Kennel Club, Nanaimo, British Columbia June 16, 2012 Mr. Martin Doherty, Judge A New Champion: Red Branch Bullet Dodger Best of Winners Northern California Terrier Association, Sacramento, California April 12, 2012 This will be the future of our sport. Owners: Diane Harris . He also does trips, camping when we can get away. Experts share their thoughts; veterinarians discuss health concerns, research organizations tell of scientific breakthroughs and readers in general have a great time with this coffee-table quality magazine published twelve times a year. Read about the kennel's beginnings, Breeder Interview with Richard Yenchesky by Allan Reznik - I grew up in Wisconsin Interview with Herding Group Breeders Jo-Ann Secondino & Jonathan Pickett - My partner, Jon, Interview with a Working Group Breeder Marilu Novy - Where do I live? Our puppies are very social and will adapt well to their new homes. She was my foundation bitch. She ended up going Best of Opposite Sex four days in a row. Martha Hall was very famous with her Ahtram line. 0 comments. He is one of the few handlers who can get into the dogs head. Mullaghboy Annie Moore (that she got from Jeanene) to Ch. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. He has a large farm that he happily patrols. I have such great memories of those days. Finn is super smart and has been to obedience and continues agility classes which he loves. Rockledges Marco of Meath. He is so well trained that most of the time in public he can be off leash and has declared the console of my truck HIS. The older dogs are fine because the coyotes dont go after dogs of their own size. In 1972, my mother bred Goss to Kilvara OCally. I do remember growing up reading pedigrees at the kitchen table. Her endless energy matches her capacity for love and sensitivity to others. I have been very blessed to have had some wonderful bitches that have produced lovely puppies. He and his wife, Ivonne, are probably two of the kindest people I have met and they are so kind with the dogs. She's a very quick learner, although she sometimes seems to have a bit of selective hearing, haha! Do You Give Up Just When Youre About to Succeed ? This is always very difficult for me, but I do find wonderful families for them. Then, when Mr. Morgan was bred to my mothers Ch. She was so afraid the bears would attack the car with the barking dogs. We are very blessed in Southern California because we have a club member who does mobile grooming. As part of my shopping, I was shopping H&R Block when I decided to take their tax class at night. My father was an engineer. Hi Evelyn, we wish you an happy new year and send you a photo of Ippa our smart lovely and funny dog.We love her so much.Audrey. The climax was Montgomery County in 1998. The way my parents handled that is something I have always admired. Dog. Everyone should buy an Irish Terrier from you. Prominent Breeders in the early years included: Killybegg's Irish Terriers (Mary & J. O'Brien), Rockmar Irish Terriers (M. & Rockwell Stone), Rockledge Irish Terriers (Marion & Linda Honey), & Sheehan's Irish Terriers (Dennis Sheehan). As I mentioned before, Eduardo and Sean have done an excellent job developing new show homes. Woody was always brutally honest, which was invaluable to all of us learning more about what direction we needed to go to breed better dogs. NOTE: Shauna is an 2018 puppy sired by Darby O'Dell and out of Rockledge Leprechaun Lady by Little Joe Cartwright. They produced a litter that included GCHG Rockledge Mr. Murphy of Meath, our second Gold Grand champion. She was a wonderful teacher. The puppies were born in December, so I ended up taking them into the office every day so that they would be well-socialized. . When the puppies are old enough, we encourage you to visit us so we can evaluate how the puppies react to you and to evaluate how you might work out as potential puppy owners. They mean everything. My next important dog was Ch. Since this is a new learning curve for me with this new program I will have a lot to do to keep this site updated and running smoothly. People who cant listen cant learn. The puppies are strictly quarantined for the first three weeks of their lives. Kay Acres. I am so pleased to be with him now. Pip is five years old and is so sweet IRISH TERRIERS Judge: Mrs. Donna Ernst Open Bitches A 6 (*) ROCKLEDGE LOTTIE DA OF BUA HILLS. We all learned so much from each other. I remember driving through Yosemite in our Ford Thunderbird convertible. They would have been so proud. This has been a big asset in finding and developing new show homes. Bridee is now 13 years old and learning Freestyle dance. Before that, we did not think we would be able to compete with the East Coast dogs. He really did most of the training. Uncategorized . I also have a good-sized puppy pen on the side of the house. With so many different types of terriers to choose from, you should have no trouble finding the perfect dog for you. They're known for their distinctive beards, which sometimes look like small red goatees. I have spent hours planning breedings. We called the puppies Megwins. They produced eight champions, one of which was Ch. Linda Honey: Neither my mother nor I have ever had a kennel, so all of our dogs are house dogs. I thought she would be going as a class dog, so, of course, I said yes. He had a great career. Height Male: 18 inches Female: 18 inches 5. restored republic feb 28 2021. how to become a sommelier as a hobby. We have so many new great pictures and testimonials from people that have purchased our puppies. I just remember my parents putting us all in the car and, as we were driving, they told us that Patsy had to be put down and that we were on our way to get our new Irish Terrier puppy. She was the one bred to Edwin who had come over from Sweden. Expertly handled by Wood Wornal (past), Jenny Wornall Rangel, Christian Rangel and Andrew Pell. They run weekly grooming sessions with their new owners and help them to find handling classes in their area. This is where I really grew up. I glued her dogs ears and when I told her I was going out to Woodys, she asked if she could tag along. Thanks for a great little dog. I cant tell you how much I learned from these evaluations. Showsight Magazineis the only publication to offer dedicatedDigital Breed MagazinesforALLrecognizedAKC Breeds. I fell in love with taxes and took a big drop in pay to work for H&R Block. He got his American championship in three days at the Montgomery weekend and an Award of Merit at Montgomery when he was moved up. document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. What a funny, happy, and loving little pup she is. chocolate raspberry pie best thing i ever ate. Rockledge McKayla of Meath, has also been a very prolific producer. Thanks for breeding these amazing creatures! April 9, 2010. I currently have two puppies that I am very high on. Shauna aka Poppy is fitting in like shes been here forever! She is still a great friend and we continue to go to dog shows together. Each issue reaches a global audience dedicated to preserving the history and health of purpose bred dogs. Note: Chloe is a 11-18-2019 puppy sired by Darby O'Dell and out of Ula O'Roark. He is the nicest and smartest dog Debbie and I have had. Rockledges Mick of Meath. Linda Honey is the breeder behind Rockledge Irish Terriers. Well, anyway--he turned 1 year old on January 31st, and if I ever find I need another Irish terrier, you will be the first call I make! My mother had three male Irish Terriers in her house at one time. After losing my mother and Jeanene, I really missed having someone to talk dogs with. When we drove near some bears, the dogs started barking at them. IRISH TERRIER CLUB OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Judge . I do have a nice large yard and they have their own dog door. I thought you might like to see our wonderful Irish terriers from your kennel. Over the years, I have collected from my best dogs and have built up a nice collection of frozen semen. She always keeps us on our feet, but for a couple who enjoys hiking, walking, and camping she has been an excellent match! 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